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Jacking up the 912E

The 911/912E was not designed well with respect to jacking it up. It is sometimes difficult to find a proper place to put jack stands. The floorpan often suffers as a result of unknowledgeable owners or shops.

The factory jack should really only be used in a roadside emergency. NEVER work under your car when supported only by the factory jack (or any jack for that matter). Always use proper jack stands or ramps, or if you have access to one, a shop lift.

For the DIY mechanic, a floor jack is your best bet, used in conjunction with a jack pad. Jack up one side, put a jack stand under the torsion arm end, then repeat the procedure on the other side.

Some folks say it is OK to jack the car up under the sump plate (protected with a piece of wood or some cardboard) while others disagree.

Other owners suggest using the cross-member that the rear of the engine is mounted to. Placing the jack centered under this engine cross-member will allow the rear of the car to be lifted evenly. Just make sure that the jack cradle does not touch or rest on the lower side of the fan shroud. Once up, you can place jack stands below the torsion bar ends as shown in the photo below.

Ramps are another option - just be careful not to overshoot them when driving up onto them. They won’t work for any procedure where you have to be able to turn the wheels however. Also, if your car is lowered you may have to use some type of extensions that allow a lowered car to drive up the incline without bending or scraping anything.

DISCLAIMER: These procedures are presented as guidelines ONLY. They reflect particular jobs that were performed by 912E enthusiasts and are offered here as a guide to others who might need to do the same procedure. No representations as to the accuracy of the information contained here is made. The procedures were written to help other 912E owners. These guidelines should always be used in conjunction with a good set of repair manuals, such as those listed above.