Technical Articles

Below you will find common procedures and DIY maintenance tips, most of which were gathered from various posts on the 912E Bulletin Board. This page is an attempt to empower you to fix/maintain your own Porsche and do it correctly. Unfortunately, there are not many mechanics that are familiar with older Porsche/VW air-cooled engines anymore, and with the price of labor these days, it makes good economic sense to learn how to work on your 912E yourself.

The first thing you need if you want to work on your own 912E is a good set of manuals. The following come highly recommend:

Another manual you might find helpful is How To Understand, Service and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management by Charles O. Probst, also published by Robert Bentley. It covers all Bosch fuel injection systems, including the L-Jetronic system found in the 912E.

DISCLAIMER: These procedures are presented as guidelines ONLY. They reflect particular jobs that were performed by 912E enthusiasts and are offered here as a guide to others who might need to do the same procedure. No representations as to the accuracy of the information contained here is made. The procedures were written to help other 912E owners. These guidelines should always be used in conjunction with a good set of repair manuals, such as those listed above.