Technical Data

Color chart

The color code can be found on a badge that is located on the driver’s door post. An example of a code is 936-9-3. The first three digits is the color (see below) the 9 signifies that the car was painted at the Porsche factory (earlier Porsche’s may have been painted at coachbuilders such as Karmann). The last number is the paint manufacturer - 1 (Lesonal), 2 (Glasurit), 3 (Dupont Herberts).

Type Sample Part No. Color Description Code
911/912E 911.095.902.60 009 Magenta H2 H2/ H2 V9
  911.095.902.60 027 Guards Red G8 G8/ G8 V9
  911.095.902.60 042 Peru Red H1 H1/ H1 V9
  911.095.902.60 106 Talbot Yellow B7 B7/ B7 V9
  911.095.902.60 107 Continental Orange B2 B2/ B2 V9
  911.095.902.60 117 Light Yellow B6 B6/ B6 V9
  911.095.902.60 137 Lime Green N8 N8/ N8 V9
  911.095.902.60 213 Irish Green M3 M3/ M3 V9
  911.095.903.80 264 Emerald Green Metallic Y9 Y9/ Y9 V9
  911.095.903.80 265 Oak Green Metallic Y4 Y4/ Y4 V9
  911.095.903.80 266 Ice Green Metallic Y8 Y8/ Y8 V9
  911.095.903.80 304 Minerva Blue W9 W9/ W9 V9
  911.095.902.60 408 Bitter Chocolate T3 T3/ T3 V9
  911.095.903.80 516 Sahara Beige D3 D3/ D3 V9
  911.095.902.60 700 Black A1 A1/ A1 V9
  911.095.902.60 908 Grand Prix White R4 R4/ R4 V9
  911.095.903.80 443 Copper Brown Metallic Z6 Z6/ Z6 V9
  911.095.903.80 936 Silver Metallic Z2 Z2/ Z2 V9
  911.095.903.80 944 Platinum Metallic W1 W1/ W1 V9
  911.095.903.80 436 Sienna Metallic Z5 Z5/ Z5 V9